Are you having trouble coming up with ideas?
Let the Create-O-Mat do it for you.

Just pick the level of how creative you want to be and the Create-O-Mat will generate something that will solve all your problems, or at least provoke your thoughts.

The Create-O-Mat application will generate three words, forming a compound word that is supposed to be used in order to change the creative process. This will create a new discourse that can be applied to your design problem or can be a leverage towards improving your already thought-of idea.

The purpose of these kinds of exercises is to broaden the thinking space by limiting it.

If one thinks of actual cases and actual circumstances for one’s design, it opens up a wider thought horizon at the same time as one realizes more details of the design.

The background Natural Language Artificial Intelligence is designed to always make some kind of sense, syntactically as well as semantically

This is a sophisticated random input technique that promotes lateral thinking which moves you outside established thinking patterns and stimulates creative thinking. As such, it juxtaposes quite disparate concepts to generate a surprising new discourse and context for design thinking. By using random input one is forced to think the yet Unthought-of.